When looking for a unique, showstopper tent, consider our Garden Tent.  The Garden Tent was inspired by Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA.  It is a beautiful multi-tiered, Keder tent that offers several unique features including a dual annex layout with decorative accents.  It’s unique construction, allows for customizable elegant details as well as many finishing options, such as powder coated aluminum, faux wood finish aluminum, clear fabric, printed fabric or colored fabric.  The Garden Tent would be great for any long-term installs at event venues, country clubs and resorts.

We are excited to announce the launch of our 25m, 20m, and 15m Garden Tent.  With our flexibility to customize projects, we are able to create the look you want.  To achieve the look of a conservatory, consider a black frame with clear roof panels and glass walls.  More interested in an atrium effect, utilize solid roof panels through the center section, with clear roof panels along the annexes.  With unlimited options, we are here to work with you to find the Garden Tent that will meet your needs.

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25m, 20m, 15m & 50′, 40′ Garden Tent

25m Garden Tent

50′, 40′ Garden Tent


25M Garden Tent 2023

A breathtaking country setting was the ideal place to debut our 25m Garden Tent with our 25m x 10m Pergola.   The glass walls and clear roof panels featured in our 25m x 40m Garden Tent allowed the young couple and guests to take in the beautiful landscape on this gorgeous September day. A grand entrance through a 9′ door opened into a captivating space that showcased decorative ornamental features throughout.  The Ivy adorned 25m x 10m Pergola extended the celebration area and allowed the guests to take in the vistas while lounging comfortably well into the night. With this beautiful 25m Garden tent, there is no doubt that everyone in attendance left in the “Wow” state of mind.