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Durkin Awning and Tent Rentals – Ridgewood Country Club

Fred’s Tents received a request from a customer for one of their local golf courses:

“I’m in need of a custom pole tent that goes on a concrete patio at a local country club and is used for special occasions throughout the season. The look of the top needs to be in the “sail cloth” tent design, requiring little or no webbing support lines. We would prefer a one piece tent, but if it makes more sense to have two or three piece, that’s fine. If we could get the “star” look at each pole point, that would be great.”

We worked closely with our customer to provide the golf course with exactly that. We designed the top to attach directly to the building, and to follow the outline of their patio.  Much to everyone’s delight, per Tom Ginty, of Durkin’s, “Please pass the word —– We nailed it!!!!!”