The Glamping Tent

In an effort “to keep the party going” Fred’s has extended their tent offering to include Glamping Tents.  These are not your average camping tent!  Create your own hotel by offering your guests a unique village for lodging.  With HVAC ducts to allow your guests the comfort of heating and cooling, no creature comfort is left behind.  Our glamping tents for sale are 6 meters wide with the option of one or two-door openings.  Looking to offer a unique gathering area? Remove the walls on these glamping tents to create a comfortable and inviting lounge area. Glamping Tents can help you create an event your guests won’t soon forget!

Glamping tents are ideal offerings for weddings, festivals, family holidays, corporate retreats and more! Interested in adding these unique glamping tents to your event tent rental offering? Contact us at 518-233-8368 or fill out our contact form to chat with one of our tent experts.